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H. E Phillip Idro
The Ambassador

It is with great pleasure that I welcome our dear visitors on this home page of the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda to the Peoples Republic of China. I wish to reiterate that the People and Government of Uganda acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous development in all spheres  going on in China. By opening this site, we hope to contribute to this phenomenon.

Therefore this home page is a window on Uganda for the benefit of the Chinese public with the objective of increasing awareness and interaction through enhancing closer cooperation between the two peoples of our sister countries for the benefit of all.

It is my sincere wish that this web site will become a gateway to increased bilateral relations between Chinese and Ugandan Communities. Whether they are politicians, journalists, scientists, social workers or the business partners.

This web site has been designed to provide information on Uganda to suit the different interests of our visitors. Whatever their interests, visitors will easily access information on the country's economy, trade and investment opportunities, tourist attractions and consular services. In addition, the home page is linked to other web sites that provide more information on varied subjects about Uganda.
To facilitate this process, the Chinese business community will find information on the business climate, trade and investment opportunities and incentives that Uganda offers to prospective foreign investors.

This home page is also intended to introduce Uganda as the ultimate destination to our visitors who want to experience a unique and yet very rewarding and memorable African tour! Uganda a country described by Churchill as the 'Pearl of Africa' and the source of the River Nile, the longest river in Africa, is naturally endowed with many and varied tourist attractions ranging from the World famous gorilla trekking, abundant wildlife, more than 100 species of birds, mountain climbing to water rafting. This is coupled by the very hospitable nature of the people of Uganda who will in very certain terms make your visit as comfortable and memorable as possible.

I personally thank you for visiting this home page and hope that you find the information given useful for our specific interest.  We welcome our visitors' comments and/or contributions on how to make this home page serve you better!  
Idro Philip


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