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Travel advice:  mainland China

Most visits to China are trouble free.

Terrorist attacks


We are not aware of any specific threat to Uganda nationals. Following the terrorist attacks in the US and the subsequent military action in Afghanistan, there may be heightened tension and disruption. Uganda nationals are advised to keep a low profile, maintain a high level of vigilance, avoid situations where there may be tension and stay in touch  the Embassy in Beijing.


There is increased security at all  airports and travelers should allow extra time for checking in. There is the possibility that some flights may be delayed. Travellers are advised to contact their airline for the latest information.


Local laws and customs

Visitors to China should note that there are severe penalties for drug offences, including in some cases the death penalty.

Visitors should be aware that there are restrictions on their undertaking certain religious activities, including preaching and distributing religious materials.

Entry requirements

Uganda nationals require visas to enter mainland China, but not Hong Kong. Visas cannot be obtained on arrival. Carefully check your visa validity as fines are levied for overstaying. Visitors on a return trip to Hong Kong from the mainland should ensure they have a double or multiple entry visa to gain re-entry to the mainland. Visitors who are transiting China en route to a third country (even if in direct transit, i.e not leaving the aircraft during a stopover) should ensure that they have a transit visa valid for each time they transit. Once in mainland China and in Hong Kong Ugandan nationals should endeavor to register themselves with the Embassy in Beijing and the Uganda Consulate in Hong Kong.


Prior permission is required from the Chinese authorities for travel to Tibet.




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